Monday, August 31, 2009

The Greatest People in Astronomy and Space Exploration

Who are the greatest people – the thinkers, tinkerers and imagineers – in the history of Astronomy and Space Exploration? The nominations for the best people in astronomy and space exploration are in! Poll #7 (of 8) of Round One of has officially begun! is an official IYA2009 project designed to increase interest in the best of astronomy and space exploration among all age groups. Over the course of the next several months, we will discover the top 100 greatest images and imaginations in astronomy and space exploration. Image a cross between Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and Fox’s American Idol. That’s!

With nearly 40 names spanning the centuries the Nominations include the men and woman whose imaginations spurred mankind to look to the skies. This list includes many people who might surprise you. Did you know the most famous observer – the man who provided the data that put the final nail in the coffin of the geocentric theory died before the telescope was even invented? Were you are the final proof of the validity of the heliocentric theory was completely written before Caesar was born, but abandoned due to lack of observable confirmation? Who was the woman whose discovery forever changed the universe?

This challenging Survey invites you to tax your powers of judgment to pick only the top five people who possessed the most influential imaginations in Astronomy and Space Exploration. Are you up for the task? Will you even recognize every name? (Don’t worry if you don’t, because that is part of the selection process!) Go to the Survey and have fun!

Each week, followers of on will get the first opportunity to answer the survey. Next, members of the LinkedIn AstronomyTop100 Group will be invited to answer. Finally, members of some relevant LinkedIn groups will also be invited to complete the survey. All surveys will be conducted through If you’d like to see the schedule of all the Round One surveys, go to this blogpost.

If you’re interested in viewing all the nominations and voting in the Round One surveys, visit to see all the best of the Top 100 Greatest Images and Imaginations in Astronomy and Space Exploration. If you’d like to take a survey, go to the relevant category page on

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